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What I do

Things I'm skilled at and passionate about.

Web Application Development

Fast, responsive and engaging apps that bring your ideas to life.

Mobile Application Development

Cross-platform apps built with efficiency and speed for Android and iOS.

API Development

REST APIs that are tailored to your needs and follow the best practices in performance and security.

Third-party API Integration

Integration with any third-party API of your choice. Extend the functionality of your apps with the least amount of effort.

Database Design

Proper Database design for effective Web & Mobile development, always aiming for performance, scale and stability.

Cloud Integration

Deployment and maintenance of your apps in a wide range of Cloud Services, from fully managed to highly customizable VPS.


Some of my latest work.

DinDong: Retail Marketplace built with React and Node.js


Marketplace and Admin Dashboard

Jak: Parcel Delivery App built with React Native, React and Node.js

Parcel Delivery App

Web, Android and iOS apps

Conflict Management App built with React and Node.js

Conflict Management for HR

Web application

GenesisCloud: Cloud Computing Dashbaord built with React and Node.js

Cloud Computing

User Dashboard and Homepage

Coinsmash: Bitcoin giveaway app built with React and Node.js

Bitcoin Giveaway

Web application and Homepage

QParts2U: Auto Parts Marketplace built with Node.js and Express

Car parts and Auto accessories


DoctorBuddy: Web Application Development Project built with React and Parse Server

Clinic Management System

Web application

Avalon: Web Application Development Project built with React

Luxury Hotel


LevaMeuDinheiro: Web Application Development Project built with React, Redux and Parse Server



About Me

Let's break the ice a little.

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Matheus Alves

React | React Native | Node JS


My passion is making ideas come to life, be it working solo, as part of a team or leading a team of fellow developers.

Throughout my 5 years of development experience, I worked everywhere from startups to big companies, building products from the ground up or implementing new features.

Also relevant to my set of skills is that - previously to becoming a developer - I worked as product manager for some of the biggest tech companies in the world, which still helps me to have a more holistic view of the whole work that goes into making a successful product.

My go-to technologies are React and Node.js, and I have completed a wide range of projects using them. Those are not the only two libraries/frameworks I'm familiar with though, and I'm always happy to discuss my client's needs and find the best solutions for them.

I consider myself creative and hardworking, as my stats show. If you liked my profile so far, drop me a message and we'll discuss how I can be useful to your project.